Strawberry Season

Late October the strawberry plants were going in & the pumpkins were rolling out!!

Hands on planting a harvest is labor intensive. For 36 years every strawberry plant was hands on planted into the soil of Chesterfield Berry Farm at 17,500 plants per acre!

Chesterfield Berry Farm sources their plants from high Elevation Nurseries in California! The plants we used for the Strawberry Harvest are called cutoff plants.. because all foliage are cut off before they are dug at the nursery. Cutoff plants requires a certain amount of cold weather before they can be dug. This is called chilling. Our  plants are planted on raised black plastic beds with drip irrigation. We put floating row covers over the crop with a spunbond material that allows sunlight & rain in. The covers help with wind, freezing rain & raise the temperature as much as 30 degrees on a sunny day & helps plant growth.

We continue to experiment & research on the Day Neutral Strawberries. We had good luck with the San Andreas variety this year. We were able to pick until the first week of October. The owner picked a bucket of San Andreas Strawberries for the booth at Chesterfield County Fair that everyone enjoyed! Sweet & good for being a late berry season. That's a Chesterfield Berry Farm record!!

The 2020 strawberry harvest is looking great so far & we are so excited! We hope to see everyone there for the 2020 Strawberry Season at the Chesterfield Berry Farm

We hope to have delicious strawberries late April/May.
We hope to have day neutral PYO strawberries until late July or early August.