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2012 New “Behind the Scenes” Tours will begin!!!!

In 2012 The Farm will begin its first “Behind the Scenes” Tours of the Farm.  You will get a chance to see everything from produce production, planning, picking and packing of the produce.  You will also get a chance to meet one of the owners to ask questions and get first-hand knowledge of what it takes to make farming work.  You will also get a look at what it takes to plan, organize and make all the events happen on the Farm.  More info on this Tour will be coming soon.

We offer many educational tours throughout the year.

  • Strawberry Blossom Tour
  • Blackberry Tour
  • Pumpkin life Cycle Tour

Right now is the perfect time to schedule your Strawberry Blossom Educational Tour.

Go to “strawberry blossom tour” for more information or reserving your school trip!

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