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Chesterfield Berry Farm
Market Share C.S.A.

Community Supported Agriculture (C.S.A.) is a direct connection between local farmers (us) and consumers (you).  In a region that is “developing” as rapidly as ours, keeping small farms viable is one way to assure there will be agricultural land, green space, and locally grown food for many years to come.  C.S.A. programs seek to maintain direct contact between farmers and consumers putting a human face on agriculture and the food supply.
With a “regular” C.S.A. you get a “box” of produce every week. What the farmer puts in your box is what you get.  It’s the farmer’s choice and not your choice.  With our unique Market Share program (a special type of C.S.A.) instead of receiving boxes filled with items your family may or may not need, you may choose what you want from our market and/or farm.

Your prepaid Market Share helps our farm with annual start-up costs (seeds, plants, fertilizers, supplies, ect.) and allows us to provide you with fresh local produce, jams & jellies, CBF conventionally fed fresh meats, plants and our famous pick your own strawberries, blackberries, and pumpkins.  Nine months of a year you don’t need to worry about where in the world the items at your mega-mart grocery come from. You will be saving money and helping our farm to stay viable.

To purchase your Market Share or if you have any questions please contact us by email at: mangnuson73@aol.com.  Please leave your name and contact number.  We will email or mail you the Market Share member/Farmer Agreement.

Thank you for your continued support of our family owned and operated Farm.
We appreciate all our loyal customers and their business.
Chesterfield Berry Farm
Your Family’s Farm

Click Here to learn more about our Market Share Program.

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