2013 Community Supported Agriculture Market Share Program

We still have shares available!!

With our unique Market Share Program you will help our farm with annual start-up costs (seeds, plants, fertilizers, supplies, etc..) and allows us to provide you with fresh local  produce, naturally grown produce, jams & jellies, fresh meats, plants and our famous pick your own strawberries, blackberries, and pumpkins. You will have the Freedom to buy what your Family needs when you need it and you wont have to worry about where in the world your produce comes from! You will save tons of money while helping our farm stay viable and have a direct connection with your farmer.

C.S.A. Market Share Program

We are offering a unique Community Supported Agricultural Market Share Program for 2013. Market Shares are available until March 1, 2013 and we only have 200 shares available so don’t miss this unique opportunity to save money, be part of our C.S.A. Market Share Club Membership (automatically entered into club if shares are purchased before Dec. 24, 2012), make a direct impact on the Farm, help us go organic and stay viable. With your Market Share purchase you will receive:

  • $500 Chesterfield Berry Farm Card (10% off face value)
  • $40 value– 4 Super Pass admission tickets for the 2013 Strawberry Season
  • $50 value– 4 General Admission Tickets for 2013 Pumpkin Season
  • $10 value– 5 lbs. of pick your own strawberries during 2013 Strawberry Season
  • $15 value– Market Summer Block Party Pack Ticket good for: 1 watermelon, 1 cantaloupe, 1 dozen ears of super sweet corn and 2 lbs. of regular vine ripened tomatoes

Club Membership includes:

1. Strawberry Season Preview– You and your family will get to visit the Farm for free and have dinner before the season starts.
2. Sweet Corn Dinner Fest– You and your family will get to visit the Market during our Sweet Corn Festival and have a FREE Corn Dinner.
3. Blackberry Season Preview– You and your family will get to come to the Farm at pick blackberries for FREE.
4. You and your family will be invited for a bonfireroast hot dogs and take a hayride around the farm for Free.
5. Visit the organic plots, watch them grow, help plant and weed during designated club member days.
6. Meet the CBF Family , have a direct impact in your community, and a direct connection to your Farmer!

You pay $450 for your Market Share and receive 10% off the face value of your Chesterfield Berry Farm Card, $110 worth of tickets and special discounts at the Market and Farm. If you purchase your Market Share before Dec. 24, 2012 you will receive a FREE C.S.A. Market Share Club Membership worth $257.40. Market Shares are available until March 1, 2013 and we have 200 shares available.

Community Supported Agriculture is a direct connection between local farmers (us) and consumers (you). In a region that is “developing” as rapidly as ours, keeping small farms viable is one way to assure there will be agricultural land, green space and locally grown produce for many years to come. C.S.A. programs seek to maintain direct contact between farmers and consumers, putting a human face on agriculture and the food supply.

With a “regular” C.S.A. you get a box of produce every week and you have to accept what the Farmer puts in your box whether you need or even like what they put in there. In normal C.S.A. programs you don’t have a choice on what you get it’s up to the Farmer. With our unique Market Share Program (special type of C.S.A.) instead of receiving boxes filled with produce your family may not need or want you may choose what you want, when you want it from our Market and/or Farm with your Chesterfield Berry Farm Card. No other regular C.S.A. Program gives you the kind a freedom that our Program gives you. You can use your CBF Card all at once, weekly, biweekly or just whenever you choose to use it!!

You can use the card at either location starting Jan. 1, 2013 until Dec. 31, 2013 or until the card is depleted. Even if your card is depleted you will need it for you and your family’s entrance to special C.S.A. Market Share activities and Market Share Club Member activities (if you are a Club Member). If your card is lost or stolen please contact us right away so we can replace it. CBF Card may be used until exhausted or until Dec. 31, 2013, then Card becomes invalid. Due to the inherent unpredictability of farming CBF cannot guarantee any specific item on any particular day or week. Market Share members share in the risk of weather catastrophes including drought, hurricanes, tornados, excessive rain, hail etc. and other crop failures.

Weather catastrophes can ruin crops and/or bring a premature end to any crop season. CBF can manage drought conditions with drip irrigation but can do little to manage weather risks. CBF Cards cannot be used for flags, rugs, novelty items or wine at the Market and cannot be used for paintball, gem mining, admissions, flags, rugs, novelty items, candy or pony rides at the Farm.

To purchase your Market Share or if you have any questions you can email us at chesterfieldberry@gmail.com, call 804-739-2404 or come by the Market. We will take credit cards, debit cards, cash or checks. If paying by check the check must clear before you are able to pick up your Market Share package. C.S.A. Market Shares will be available to pick up after Jan. 1, 2013 at the Market. Market Shares will be available for purchase in September, 2012 until March 1, 2013. Remember if you purchase your Market Share before Dec. 31, 2012 you will receive the Bonus Club Membership for FREE. Don’t miss this opportunity, we only have 200 Shares and they go fast!

Thank you for your continued support of Chesterfield Berry Farm & Market! Please remember we only have one Market and it is located in Brandermill Market Square Shopping Center. We no longer have any affiliation with the store in the old location. We appreciate all our loyal customers and their business.

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