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Chesterfield Berry Farm is Open for the Fall Festival Season

2014 Free Farm Admission!

Pumpkin Madness Weekend

Pumpkin Madness Weekend is the Chesterfield Berry Farm grand finale to the fall festival season and another exciting chance to spend quality time with your family. This is a new and unique opportunity to be green by recycling and "repurposing" your Jack-O-Lanterns as well as our left over pumpkins into feed for our livestock.

Either November 1st or 2nd load the family and Jack-O-Lanterns up in the car, enjoy the short scenic drive to the farm and watch your kids excitement as we

  • Drop the pumpkins 60' in the Drop Zone
  • Smash pumpkins with the Pumpkin Dozer
  • Impale the Jack-O-Lanterns on the Spike Wall
  • Squish squash with the Squash Squisher
  • Launch pumpkins with the pumpkin sling shot

Hundreds of pumpkins will be destroyed(recycled)!

Win prizes playing Pumpkin Madness bowling and the pumpkin toss.

All of our fall activities will be offered during Pumpkin Madness Weekend including Zombie Paintball, Hayrides, the Fun Zone, Corn Cannon, concessions and much more.  

Click here→ Directions page for address and hours!

Chesterfield Berry Farm 2014 Pumpkin Photo Contest Winners!

Our winners are

Sarah Heron 1st Place - Leah Ann Moore 2nd Place - Brittany Ratliff 3rd Place

Chesterfield Berry Farm: Fun for the Whole Family

If Linus van Pelt had to choose a pick your own pumpkin patch to wait for the Great Pumpkin, we believe he would have chosen the Chesterfield Berry Farm.  Every October, thousands of "fun-seekers" journey to the widely known and generationally cherished pick your own farm in Moseley, Virginia.  These "fun-seekers" do not just come to entertain their children for the day, they take the short scenic drive year after year to create life-long memories.  Memories created while on the hay ride which takes you to pick your own pumpkins or by trying their hand on the Corn Cannons; maybe the giggles and smiles that follow the surprise and thrill of the Scary Fun Barn; it may even be holding the hand of your little one while exploring our famous corn maze. We look forward to holding a place in one of your families most fond memories!


The Chesterfield Berry Farm's pumpkin patch is one of the oldest and largest pumpkin patch in central Virginia. On our 500 acre farm, we have well over 100,000 pumpkins on over 150 acres of pumpkin patch. For well over 20 years we have been harvesting fall family memories! To take a closer look at the activities we have at the farm, we encourage you to check out the dozens of fabulous photos taken by Betty G Photography!